Which Hogwarts house does I belong?

The seven novels of fantasy made all age groups thrilled with the magic, secrets, and suspense. This wizarding team has made sensations in our life and has made us die-hard fans of all the characters, houses, magical creatures, and even artifacts. The story though whimsical has a parallel story of hardship and victory which makes every author get captivated and know that which hogwarts house am I. The twists in the plots, the odd questions what more to say the costumes make us watch the same movies again and again, the power of magic makes us come back to them.

The earliest memory of everyone about Harry potter is the scene where he is invited to the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry. Most of the story being set in this School of magic showcases a loving and at the same time an exciting place where every door opens to magic. The characters keep coming and falling into the novel once Harry is in school. Everyone in the school knows more about Harry than himself.

When the first book introduces you to the magical school of Hogwarts which was built by Rowling into a multi-layered one with a variety of magical purposes and properties. The story moves through Harry’s eyes, what we watch mainly in the movie is in the perception point of Harry.

A quick look at the four schools

We know almost eight schools by their location and still, four remain undisclosed. Hogwarts is exceptionally the best and that remains as the cruel truth forever. Let’s see the other four. So once upon a time two witches and two wizards found four schools of witchcraft and wizardry. Each of these schools presents its personality and skills. Gordic Gryffindor favored bravery and heroism. So the students of Gryffindor house should embody these skills to remain in this school. Intelligence and wit were the nomenclatures of Ravenclaw whereas Hufflepuff students stood for loyalty and fair play but the last was something evil, In Slytherin, the values of being sly and cunning is nurtured.


Sorting Hat as per the instructions of Gryffindor school chooses courageous students, chivalry, determination .the bravest and the boldest Went to this school. Many Gryffindor members have become part of Dumbledore’s army and the phoenix order. The bulk of the story is constituted with the actions of Gryffindor and this is the premium house because of the connection with the hero Harry Potter and his family


Founded by a witch, the house embarks the values of logic and problem-solving. Ravenclaws remain creative and they are independent. They have a good observation power that makes them academically motivated and talented, students. The coolest part is that to enter the house, you need to answer a riddle and nobody has ever broken the law.


The nicest of the house, they aren’t short-tempered, they don’t have any show off of wisdom nor are they cunning. They value hard work, dedication, and loyalty. They favor what is right and what is wrong. They are not competitive and are modest. they always stand for the Fairplay. What differs them is their ability to control emotions and not boast about their accomplishments. They stand apart in the novel for their vision.


Snide, cruel, evil dark, and diabolic, Slytherins are determined to achieve success. They are knowledgeable and work hard to win, but for evil. Though they are cunning and arrogant, they seem to be the most goal-oriented, ambitious, and shrewd. These are their primary traits, But this cannot ake them tell that they are evil.


Now you would have decided which house you are going to join. But the patched, old dirty magical hat chooses you here, to which house you should belong? Though it has made errors in its lifetime, It sticks to its decision and waits for the future to prove its power. the funny thing about the hat is its song before choosing the students. so for us, the hat is not available so how are we going to sort ourselves into these four houses. So definitely it’s not your choice. We have set a variety of 30 questions that would help us to evaluate your traits and then put you in the correct house. Your answers are anonymously checked, corrected, and verified .the questions are not merely put for a fun, each one is based on the data and research we have been going through. Your personality, intelligence, cognitive and logical skills are measured like how the sorting that defines one.

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