Where To Buy DigiByte, Answer Is Here

We live on a planet where the dollar, yen, pound or rupee are a wonder no more. We have moved to the cryptocurrency era. There was a time when we had the old coin system, which then transformed to notes and further to e-wallets. But now, something revolutionary has happened, cryptocurrency is a computational technique-based currency increasing its fan base throughout the world. So one of the obvious questions that arise from a novice’s head will be, ‘where to buy digibyte’. But just before we could get there, we should be aware of DigiByte and the technology used in developing this cryptocurrency. Each cryptocurrency has a unique set of codes, and so is the features present in them.

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is an increasingly popular cryptocurrency that stands in the shoes of a decentralized blockchain network. Bitcoin is considered the forefather of cryptocurrency since they were the first of such kind to be developed. Since then, many kinds of altcoin – cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin but utilizes the same principle as that of Bitcoin, have been developed. A popular one in the altcoin category is Etherum. DigiByte is a digital asset that is known to be immutable. Though Bitcoin is the pioneer in cryptocurrency, DigiByte is one step ahead with its idea of a decentralized currency system and public blockchain network. When cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherum were in the limelight, arguments started to rise over their stability, security and speed.

One of them was Jared Tate, who created DigiByte in 2013 and made it available to the public next year. DigiByte is an open-source blockchain that has increased its popularity and brought many users safety and speed while using. Since it is a decentralized cryptocurrency, no private firm controls it, and volunteers do all the works and updates. DigiByte is around forty times faster than Bitcoin and utilizes five cryptographic algorithms to serve the users. The ‘where to buy digibyte’ section will help you understand more about the technicalities of this cryptocurrency.

Where to buy DigiByte?

Like any other currency exchange, this also follows the same. You can buy DigiByte cryptocurrency using any of the facilities like debit or credit cards or PayPal facility. But this exchange is possible only against another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It can be guessed that you could figure from this itself that buying DigiByte involves many stages till you are done with doing so. So let us dive into knowing more about where to buy digibyte.

  • Buy a cryptocurrency: Your first step is to buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Etherum. This requires you to open an account in a facility like COINBASE to buy cryptocurrency shares. It prompts you to share your basic information and identity to verify and create an account. Once the account has been created, you can use a card or PayPal to buy the currency.
  • Exchange to DigiByte: For exchange between the cryptocurrencies, you need to have a reputed exchange facility. Exchange is the place where to buy digibyte. Choosing an exchange is a tedious job since you have to look out for its reputation, safety – whether it had been hacked, fees and rates. Now you have to look for a good trading pair like BTC/DGB and exchange that suits you.
  • Secure wallets: Another minor but vital task is to have a secure wallet for your cryptocurrency. These crypto wallets are e-wallets for your currency and can be used for future buying and selling.

Cryptocurrency has changed how we define our currency, how we trade and at last, how we live. One of the revolutionary ideas in the history of mankind has been the introduction of the currency system and its transformation to online transactions. Yet, it did not stop there, and we saw the birth of cryptocurrency in the twenty-first century. Living two decades from the beginning of this century, we have many cryptocurrencies to name. People surround this new computational currency to get something new as each moment pass, and a big question for the beginners like you are ‘where to buy digibyte’ once you understand the optimal basics on DigiByte and related information, you can now also buy and sell using this e-currency.

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