When Will My First Period Come Quiz! Solve To Get More Information

Are you also worried about getting your first period? Do you want to know when will you get your first period? Well, it is very difficult to forecast the first period for any girl. But the average age when a girl will start to menstruate is at the age of 12. Periods or menstruation is a common and natural process that occurs in every female.

It occurs every month and stops at a certain age. This stage is known as menopause. If you want to know more and if you have any more doubts about the period, then you can consider reading the question and answers to understand and eliminate any negative thoughts about your first period. You can also solve when will my first period come quiz to test out your knowledge and understanding.

Is it evident that my menstruation will start at the age of 12 only?

It is not a compulsion that your menstruation will start at a particular age, if your period has not occurred at the age of 12 then you don’t have to worry, because it can also begin after that. There are possibilities and experiences of some females that they have seen some delays in their menstruation. And it is normal to happen such things.

Can I get my periods before getting to my puberty stage? Or will I get it only after it?

The menstruation cycle will continue only after the puberty stage. You can understand the beginning as you will see certain differences in your body. You as well as others will see physical changes among you. As you will reach the puberty stage, you will start to realize the changes, like changes in voice, behavior, etc., and during this period only you will start to menstruate and every month henceforth.

There are not many proofs that menstruation being starting before the age of puberty. And most girls do not get also.

Will I fall sick after getting my first period?

This depends on your strength and physical condition. But even though, those who are stronger, are facing certain issues like nausea, cramps, etc. though cramps are a follow up in the menstruation process. It happens as a result of the contraction of the blood vessels and the veins present in the uterus. It is not a sickness that you will get upon menstruation. Moreover, at the beginning of the period, you will feel cramps of stronger intensity.

What will happen if I miss my period after getting my first period?

many girls and even women have faced such problems of delayed periods. It is a natural and involuntary process, hence you cannot control it and make it start and stop whenever you want. With the help of medicines now, you can stop or delay the menstruation on purpose, but is not a good practice, as it may cause hormonal imbalance. As long as it is a natural delay, you don’t have to worry. But if the delayed durations are too long, then you may consult a doctor.

What are the factors that could lead to the delayed periods?

Factors are classified into two types one is physical and another one is mental.

Physical factors include:

  • Physical inability.
  • The harm caused to the reproductive organ.

Mental factors include:

  • Mental stress
  • Depression leading to hormonal imbalance
  • Mental instability

These are some of the factors that could lead to delayed menstruation.

If you are facing any issues that you want to be solved, then you can consult a trusted and reputed gynecologist.

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