What is the public opinion about black magic?

In this modern world, everyone is jealous of others’ activities, and they are greedy. People nowadays are always selfish. To decline them other’s wealth; one should use this black magic. Black magic is also otherwise known as witchcraft. There are a lot of opinions in society about this black magic. Some people believe this superstitious belief and black magic, while others may hate this one. It all depends upon the people’s choice. We know that there are lots of authors who wrote many books on the black magic and witchcraft, etc., among that the famous one is شمس المعارف الكبرى, which is considered as an influential book of this type. Every type of vein doesn’t seem to be unreal and can’t be tampered with. Our ancestors and scholars, can also additionally God have mercy on them; have been capable of shape non-secular traits which might be distinctive from the ordinary. Of course, the race has not been and will not be tampered with directly. Work is always external and in a spiritual way that makes the veins a completely different value.

What are the different types of precious stones?

There are three styles of coasts, and every kind isn’t like the other. But one of the satisfactory and most powerful species is the royal kind, and then comes the animal after which comes the marine, and of direction, there may be a distinction among them. To be in order:

1. The royal or the royal as its miles called.

2. Animal or hedgehog extract.

3. Marine, that’s extracted from the shores.

Can a man or a woman use it? Since ancient times, women have used the coast race the most. At that time, the wealthy or powerful men were the most used by men, so surely a man or a woman could use race. Of course, everyone has their uses.

From where does the coastal sweat come?

There are two species: one is an animal that is removed from a hedgehog during mating, and the second is a marine animal, which is fished on certain beaches and contains small creatures that live underground and contain sweat.

How does the spiritual power eliminate our negativity?

Spiritual power helps us to train our minds very well. If we want to eliminate our negativity, first of all, we should have enough knowledge about spiritual power. To gain spiritual knowledge, we should train our minds. The mind is the most powerful asset of mankind, but it must be trained to make the most of it. Our minds tend to shift their attention from one idea to another and are likely to be happy to focus on the negative aspects of life. The best thing is that he will be a good servant and behave the way you want. To train your mind, you need to consciously observe every thought that passes through it, discard negative emotions and thoughts, entertain positive emotions and thoughts, and let them invade your subconscious, develop good habits, and train your mind. It will improve your concentration and help you acquire spiritual knowledge while applying it to your daily.

How to make our life fruitful?

Knowledge is electricity however, it isn’t fruitful except implemented inside the actual lifestyles. To collect the expertise isn’t sufficient to permit you to get non-secular electricity; it’s miles what you do with the expertise is the finding out factor. So you want to discern out non-secular intention applicable to you with inside the gift second together with making an investment time to discover your actual self, growing awareness, displaying gratitude and of the equal to force non-secular growth.

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