Harry Potter House Quiz: Seek Answers To The Most Thrilling Question: Which Hogwarts House You Belong To?

Nostalgia hits hard when JK Rowling or Harry Potter crosses the mind! Harry Potter changed the dynamics of the world. Inflicting magic, culture, and vintage aesthetics, the mainstream storyline of Harry Potter, stole the hearts of many ranging from 6 years old and 60 years old. So if you want to be in Hogwarts, a harry potter house quiz serves you best to find which house suits you better. From the best first book to digital streaming sites, Harry Potter and Hogwarts travelled a long journey, and this quiz would help you find the perfect house for you!

Harry Potter, the terrific amalgam of witchcraft and adventures created by JK Rowling, forced many to think of the character portrayed in fictional books and movies. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing your side of Hogwarts story and what would you be if you were a character in the movie. Courage, magic, adventure, thrilling experience, and a lot of fun are what the movie offered us. So, plop up your laptops on your lap, don’t bite your fingernails, and get ready to know your aspect of Hogwarts and the question you have been thinking about for quite a time- What house you belong to.

Strengths and weakness to Filter Out Hogwarts Houses: Best Apt House For you

Before getting on the adventure to find Hogwarts Houses for you, let’s take a quick dive into your detailed strengths and weaknesses to help us find the apt house for you. One must be thinking?

  • What does it mean to be a member of one house?
  • Strengths to qualify for a particular house?
  • What weaknesses can disqualify you?
  • Is your house best? No, why not?

As every Potterhead knows, there are 4 Hogwarts Houses, namely Gryffindor-fire, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Classic boarding school fun combined with adventures and Christ on a cracker plot twists. Sorting hat, an intriguing creation of the founders of Hogwarts, sorts out students based on the strengths, qualities, and weaknesses of different Hogwarts Houses.

If you are wondering about the powers of sorting hats, be aware that it sorted of thousands of young kids depending on the attributes at present and some of the future itself. This quiz follows the same approach. It asks your preference as of now and asks how you want yourself to be in the coming years. After the quiz, one can be shocked, thrilled, or in denial of the house you belong to, but it is for sure that one would uncover the secrets and hidden qualities of your life now.

Real Potterhead’s Must-Try Quiz: Which house are You?

Don’t be biased depending on your favourite character! The quiz would tell the truth about your personality. Here is how.

  1. Welcome to the house of brave and courageous students if it’s GRYFFINDOR. The warmth of red and gold colours symbolic of fire and fierce is what explains the Gryffindor house. If you belong to Gryffindor, you are the bold type. The main features one enjoys being a member of Gryffindor are- Loyal, courageous, bold, and aggressive.
  2. Ravenclaw, call it a house of nerds or house of wise, it makes no difference. With its hooking blue and bronze theme, the Ravenclaw house incorporates intelligent, competitive students for exams and respected in every aspect of life. If you are one of them, be proud, your parents would dote on you.
  3. As intriguing is the name-as intriguing, the members of Hufflepuff are. Yellow and black-themed, Hufflepuff house members are loyal and neutral. Hufflepuff house members are unique and have different categories of talents and skills, which contradicts the notion that Hufflepuff is often labelled as weak and untalented.
  4. Slytherin, green, and silver with the symbol of the serpent represent the cunning mindset and ambitious goals of the house members. If you belong to Slytherin, congrats, you will play a major character of the villain, i.e., witch and wizard. Smart, cunning strategies and brave are some of the qualities one would contain.

Different House, Different privileges, and Different Qualities! Harry potter’s craze would never end. So, why wait and dwell upon imagination. Take the harry potter house quiz and get answers to all your questions by finding out which house you belong to.

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