Buying Guide for Waterproof Phone Pouch

A pouch makes the phone keep safe from any outer harmful things. Different pouches are available, made with different materials and designs. If the pouch material is strong and made with good quality, it makes the phone safe from water or dust.

Water is something, which can damage the pone deeply, and sudden rain, types of problem can become a problem without any suitable pouch of the phone. Here we see more things about the waterproof phone pouch for better information.

Top waterproof phone pouch:

JOTO Universal: It’s a 100 feet type protect with IPX8. Large phones in areas can easily get fit in it, and people can also easily purchase them who don’t want to spend their extra money on pouches. It’s a popular choice for many people, and the design is also good and light looking. The price of this pouch is $7.99, which is a little less than the others.

YOSH: It’s 100 feet safe with IPX8 protection. It can still give clear photos and videos in water because it protects the phone from harm. All lock s function of this pouch is easy to use for all people without any trouble. This popular pouch is also $7.99, and many people prefer purchasing this pouch.

Electronics: It’s 98 feet safe with IPX8. It mostly comes in tow pack pouches for any different use. People with a big phone screen can easily sue it, especially people with a 6.5 screen. This pouch is adequately tested in water safety with the help of phone 7 and 8 phones. Price of this phone pouch is $11.19, which is a little more than usual, and it can also float in the water with light phones.

Procase Universal: This waterproof phone pouch is 100 feet with IPX8 and can carry 7.0 diagonal. It works best in water areas and protects the phone from water harm, even in salty waters. The slide of this pouch is adjustable because it is made with high and best quality. According to the quality and range of the two pouches, this pouch is a little low in the rate at $14.99 rate.

Vansky floatable: It’s 100 feet with IPX8 and can fit in 5.7 sizes. The pouch has a jack for earphones, so they can also be kept safe from harmful water, and the whole pouch case can easily float without trouble if the phone is light in weight. All locks of the phone are effortless to manage and use. It comes at a $9.99 price.

What things to consider before buying a waterproof pouch:

Value is something, which is the most common thing to notice in phones, and value includes price and some unique features and specifications of pouches. The next important thing to consider when buying a waterproof phone pouch is IP rating. IP rating tells about the capacity of protecting the phone from water, and the digit comes in 4 digits, and IPX8 is oom type of rate in it.

Compatibility and protection are also other things to consider while buying waterproof pouches for phones; people also consider using them while buying the pouch. Don’t buy something of lousy quality; always go for good quality.


People can buy some goof popular waterproof phone pouch on the internet easily. All types of pouches are valuable there; people need to search for some suitable pouches names and cans e they information and reviews and if they like so they can buy any individual pouch according to their need of a phone, or phone size because size is also something, which matters in it.

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