Bringing To Light The Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

Hair is an important asset for a lot of people. Many people from around the world view good-looking and healthy hair as a sign of prosperity. The hair needs to be well kept and a lot goes behind the maintenance of the same. The hair requires a lot of nutrients and vitamins to be healthy and to grow. A lot of people face hair loss in their life, that is due to the lack of many nutritional deficiencies. The hair on the head keeps the head warm, as well as provides good cushioning for the skull.

Factors for hair growth

There are a lot of factors that come behind why certain people have certain types of hair, hair growth as well as nutrition intake; it could depend on:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Hormones

Nowadays the hair is used as a bodily instrument. It has been turned into a fashion trend to have certain types of hairstyles, a certain type of colour of hair. But what people fail to understand is that each hair type is different. Not everyone can have the same type of hair. There are a lot of treatments available which make your hair just like others, or your inspiration. But is it worth it? Hairstyles have been part of the fashion industry for a long time. A lot of products are applied to the hair, which can diminish the quality of the hair hugely. It is important to keep the lustre of the hair you wish to embrace and avoid unnecessary products to the hair. There are a lot of various products available on the outside which give the vitamins for the hair directly as oils or any other substitute.

Cosmetic procedures and hair products

People opt for a lot of cosmetic procedures to make the hair look a certain way, but it could potentially harm the skin and the scalp in the long term. There are a lot of long-term effects of these cosmetic procedures which a lot of people do not realize. The current generation tends to have early greying, due to their increase in various products. If the products are really necessary, you could search for the best vitamins for hair growth so that you can return the original health of the hair as it is.

Vitamins and nutrients

A few of the vitamins and nutrients needed by the hair are:

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A acts as a particularly important aspect to keep the hair moisturized and for the growth of the hair. These can be achieved by eating carrots, spinach as well as a lot of animal foods.

  • Vitamin B

B-vitamins are the carriers of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hence must be replenished very regularly. It also helps in hair growth. Seafood, leafy vegetables act as reliable sources of the same.

  • Vitamin C

This vitamin is an aid in making collagen and is essential in preventing hair ageing. Some of the sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits and peppers.

  • Vitamin D

Hair loss is linked to deficiencies. Vitamin D helps in the anticipation of hair loss. Sun exposure and certain foods could help you replenish the lost vitamins.

  • Vitamin E

Prevention of oxidative stress is important. Vitamin E holds credit for the same. Almonds, spinach as rich sources of vitamin E.

  • Iron

The major cause of hair fall in women. Eggs, spinach, and lentils bring Iron to the system.

  • Zinc and protein

Hair growth is boosted with the help of zinc and protein. Pumpkin seeds and beef are rich sources of the same. A lot of hair supplements are available on the outside. It is essential to find the best vitamins for hair growth, to get the best results. It must be taken through prescription only. Some people avoid taking supplements and stick to old-school healthy eating, which is the safest option.

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