Be Safe And Secure With Verification Site

This is one of the biggest eat-and-run verification websites in Korea which is there with the Toto site in the gambling industry since its inception. A professional team of verification operates and handles this site and is also in charge of it for a long time for the eradication of eat-and-run scams and tends to prevent the upcoming scams in advance or at the initial stages.

 The recommended companies which are registered at 먹튀폴리스 protect the valuable capital of mates through a guaranteed cycle. Do not forget to enter the referral code as soon as you enter the website as this website’s protection system works for the only ones who have entered the referral code. Eat-police always recommends the sites with safety guaranteed for members by doing verification process in accordance also with the self-started eating-and-drying verification system. This website follows a six-step verification process and is a bit harder than any other site, the main motto is safety to make the safe and secured environment for site users.

Verification guide

  • To gather information about scam websites – This site collects brief information about the website which is based on the reports and reviews gathered from the members and collecting history. While collecting history if any eating case is found the site is immediately assumed to be fraudulent without any further research on it.
  • Analyse reports and reviews of scam – Judgment is passed with full authenticity by the received scam review which determines if it is the retaliatory report. This is a procedure step for the prevention of indiscriminate damages to a secured site.
  • Verifies IP and location of server – For the site verification, tracking of IP location and server security are judged. In scam cases there are risks such as personal information may leak as sites are generally operated through domestic devices. Hence, safety is judged by determining of IP location of the site and the location of the device.
  • To find if the website is renewed – For scam sites, it is mostly the case which changes domain and can cause often scams. To reduce this practice initially, they check whether a site is been renewed or also review domain use history.
  • To verify for the procedure of website operation – Recently, many Toto websites admins have opened a website which would help in cheating in which understanding this information step by step is difficult for members. This website verifies the motto of site operating activity through social networks which먹튀폴리스 have collected for years.
  • Capital power verification – They go through the current capital and also see the initial amount invested at times of establishment of the website. Reviewing capital is quite an important factor while the verification procedure as it is directly related to the security of the website.

What makes this website unique?

There is a huge difference in the operating duration of this website and other communities. This is been working since the beginning of the online Toto site industry. Being the only verification website in Korea is known for over 20 years, it has grabbed a huge amount of DB, and the verification procedure is now known for long period.

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