A few words

About Us

Our story starts way back when women’s empowerment was in its early stages.

We were inspired to promote the movement of women’s empowerment, which eventually became a global movement.

Together we are doing our best to cultivate a global network of volunteers whose goal is to empower women economically and domestically, to educate women, to teach them how to advocate for their rights.

We promote women’s sense of self-worth, their possibility to make their own choices, and their right to influence changes in the society they live in.

We equip women with skills to make life-determining decisions and equally control and benefit from resources and income.

We empower women economically, materially, socially, spiritually, occupationally, and educationally.

In the end, we always say that empowering women starts with you.
One way of showing your support is saying to women around you how much they are strong and how much it is important for them to be aware of their strength.

We should all strive to eliminate the negative image women portray, and show them that real change is possible if you take action.